Our mission

We began selling mushroom substrates in march of 2018. This project started with giving some of our psychonaut friends some manure from our compost pile that was pasteurized through thermogenesis. Once hearing about the high quality results of our compost in mushroom cultivation we began to research other mushroom substrate vendors. Down the rabbit hole of shroomery and other websites we found many vendors but none that focused on quality and sustainability. This was deeply concerning to us because many people are consuming mushrooms as a form of medicine. Some vendors source their manure from race tracks and this was concerning because of the high concentrations of steroids and medications used in the horse racing industry. Others source their manure from zoos and this was also alarming due to the sedation and medication used in that industry. We began to realize that we were in a unique position to provide manure to the myco community that came form a single source that we directly controlled. Our horses are unmedicated unless we have an emergency and in that case we collect our manure and remove it from the property for 4+ weeks after the horse was medicated. We choose to only use OMRI ( organic material review institute)  listed inputs for any material that comes from off site. The reason we are so focused on OMRI and organic inputs is because of the high pesticide use found around our globe. By using OMRI inputs we can guarantee that no pesticides are being concentrated in your mushroom medicine. We believe in the power of mushroom medicine and we truly want the world to experience the power of high quality mushrooms of all types. We aim to supply you with quality substrates with standards beyond what the market has to offer while keeping it affordable.

Mush love -SCS